Tennis Earns Win On The Road


The men's tennis team defeated Adirondack CC 9-0 Saturday afternoon in Queensbury.


No1. Benjamin Gonzalez (B) def. Aiden Cawley 6-1 6-2
No2. Griffin Goosman (B) def. Jake House 6-1 6-3
No3. Aaron Williams (B) def. Zach Potter 6-3 6-3
No4. Corey Cadwell (B) def. Dave Viccaro 6-2 6-3
No5. Sidney Snead (B) def. Lars Bollar 6-0 6-0
No6. Sean King (B) def. Liron Mazaki 6-0 6-3


No1. Gonzalez/Cadwell (B) def. Cawley/House 8-6
No2. Goosman/Williams (B) def. Potter/Viccaro 8-2
No3. Snead/King (B) def. Bollar/ Mazaki 8-0


Broome returns home this Tueday for a 4:00 P.M. tennis match against Onondaga CC.